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Brandon Toomey Enviroment and Hard Surface Artist

Forza 5 Forza 4 Flight Sim X X-Pack Pacific Fighters

I am an environment and hard-surface artist, with six shipped titles since 2004.
Most recently I have been creating VR spaces at Virtually Live, a VR sports broadcasting startup
that is working to revolutionize the way we experience sporting events together.

I live near Snoqualmie, WA, with my wife and two sons.

email: Brandon -at- garagebay9.com
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Additional work samples available upon request.

MCU Park - built for internal R&D work at Virtually Live, this full-scale recreation of the
home ballpark of the minor league Brooklyn Cyclones was all on me as Sr. Environment Artist with a
few key exceptions: the instanced crowd system which used Hierarchical Instanced Skeletal Meshes, and
the lighting which was designed by our AD. The technical challenge of our VR performance budgets shaped
the entire project - there are no decals and essentially no alpha masked transparency or translucency in
use anywhere in the environment, multi-layered blends had to be done with some clever vertex color blending
and threshold mask blends in the shader, and overall polycount for the scene is well under 500,000 tris -
even before LODs start switching in. The scene was built for use with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

MCU Park
MCU Park
MCU Park
MCU Park

Dungeon Seige I

Concept Screenshot Trees Bridge

Branch Shader Grass Branch Texture Flower Texture

Dungeon Seige II

Click below for full size.

Use the mousewheel to zoom into the middle of the sphere.

Mission 1 - Kharak System by garagebay9 on Sketchfab


Gate Firetruck Scissor lift

Pit1 Pit2

Radio Front

Radio Concept Radio Texture

Radio Rear

P40 Cockpit